Mercury Skyline Cruise Line

Cruise your way through the turgid waters to explore the range of features of nature around us.

Tall Ship Windy

The exciting boat tours have creative, inspiring, and educational elements to keep the people entertained.

River Cruise

Calm waters set you afloat on an incredible experience to take you for the best journey to nature’s nest.

Speedboat Tour

The classic speedboat journey through the waters takes you through blissful elements of a quick view of the magnificence.

Classic Lake Tour

Every mystic experience is worth savoring for the beauty and elegance the world holds in all corners.

Boat Boasts Climate-Controlled Seating Areas

Choose the seat that gives you the optimal view of the skyline that
encompasses every soul on the boat.

City Experiences

Capture every moment in the city as you take a tour by the coastline and the docks of the exotic locations.

Shoreline Sightseeing

Choose the package that serves well for your tastes, providing you with the right escape from real-life stresses.

Architecture Tours

If you are a lover of architecture, select a variety of options to explore the beauty of the city while floating in paradise.

Best Boat Tours To Try

Some of the highest quality luxury services in the world are available as you ride towards the horizon for a divine experience.

Seadog Lakefront Speedboat

River Dinner Cruise

Lunch Cruise

Watching The Sunset Against The Skyline

Keep an eye on the sun to see it go up and down to mark the day’s adventures for every visitor in the city.

Cruises & Boat Tours In Chicago

Prepare yourself for what awaits you at the next turning of the boat, and
Chicago is all set to amaze you.

Ultimate Chicago Experience

We provide you with an extensive range of packages and features to choose from for your ultimate boating through tranquility.

Chicago Boat Tours

Explore the city’s beauty as you take a relaxed tour in the waterways that run through every beautiful street.

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