14 Best Chicago Boat Tours to Try in 2021

14 Best Chicago Boat Tours to Try in 2021

Chicago is famous for its architectural marvels, wonderful culture, food and its love for art. It is a very historically rich city with plenty of tourist attractions. Most tourists enjoy going on boat tours while they are here. Here are some of the best Chicago boat tours to try in 2021:

Chicago Architecture Foundation Center River Cruise

This 90-minute guided tour will provide you with a fully immersive Chicago experience and help you get to know the city much better. The best part about going for this option is that if you pay a bit extra, you get to admire the exhibitions displayed at the Chicago Architecture Center and have a complete tourist experience while you are here.

14 Best Chicago Boat Tours to Try in 2021

Shoreline Sightseeing Architecture River Tour

With this 60- or 75-minute tour, you get to cruise around in state-of-the-art tour boats, and you have the opportunity to see over 40 Chicago landmarks. You will have expert guides who are happy to let you know all about the history behind every architecture and building. You start with this river tour in the day, and the tour ends in the evening as you get to watch the beautiful sunset over the buildings.

Spirit of Chicago

What could be better than having a relaxing time on Lake Michigan? Hop onto the Spirit of Chicago, and you are sure to have one of the best dining experiences. This vessel has the best DJs and fun games to play.

You can also have a great time dancing with your partner or friends or family members. You get some beautiful panoramic views of the city with all its magnificent skyscrapers and architecture.

Lady Grebe Chicago River Experience

If you are in Chicago with a group of friends and if you are running out of time, then consider booking a private cruise for 90 minutes with Lady Grebe. Lady Grebe is a 48-foot vintage yacht, and it is one of the most stylish and classy ways you can have fun. Be sure to check out their beverage packages. You are also guaranteed to have a safe experience with a U.S. Coast Guard certified captain at the helm.

Seadog Lakefront Speedboat Tour

If you don’t like to go for the traditional and slow ways and want some speed in your life, then this is the right option for you. With Seadog Lakefront Speedboat Tours, you can float around and have a look at the most famous landmarks in no time.

You will have a guide who will keep you fully entertained with his humorous descriptions of the world-renowned Chicago skyline. The best part about this tour is that you can even bring your dog with you!

In Conclusion

Boat tours in Chicago is a great way to escape the monotony of everyday life and enjoy all the pleasures of cruising at reasonable prices. A boat tour on Lake Michigan is sure to drive all your anxiety and worries away!

14 Best Chicago Boat Tours to Try in 2021

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