Bask in the Sun in Chicago’s Boat Tour

Bask in the Sun in Chicago’s Boat Tour

Chicago is one of the vibrant cities that sits on the banks of Lake Michigan in Illinois, USA. The city is always found on the list of people looking for places to satisfy their wanderlust because of its inspiring architecture.

The Chicago River flows right through Chicago’s soul and has witnessed the rise of some of the earliest high-rise buildings of the USA with the landmark Wrigley Building and Sears Tower, which was later rechristened as Willis Tower.

Bask in the Sun in Chicago’s Boat Tour

Some of the fascinating art forms saw the light of the day here, like Gospel Music and Improv Comedy. It is culturally and socially welcoming. This is why many people are choosing to move here.

The best way to explore the city is by treading through the waters. You may experience a walk through the timeline to see the former and contemporary Chicago through several of Chicago’s boats and tours. What’s the catch? These tours come with complimentary guides’ commentaries for thrilling navigation into the city’s culture.

Some of the boats offer private cruise services for private parties. A romantic private dinner cruise is flowing on Lake Michigan. It is an ethereal adventure, and most travellers look forward to spending some quality time on private cruises. Furrowing the way in the daytime and absorbing the city’s vibes is one thing but tracing the stars and moon in the night sky and catch the early sun from the boat is magical.

On top of everything, you cannot say that it is getting old. You can enjoy Chicago in a boat and never get used to it. Every time is a new and out of the world experience.

How to Plan Your Event

The boat tours can be customised according to the event you might be planning to host on Chicago waters. Imagine the feeling when you would be flowing the whole 156 miles of the Chicago River under the city’s historical buildings and the dance of city lights in the night.

Usually, a tour boat in Chicago can hold from 100 to 200 guests, depending on your budget. They come with two sightseeing decks, a dance floor, and a place for enjoying food and drinks to have fun all night.

These boat tours come with many offers and packages. If you want to enjoy the breakfast and the peaceful hustle of the morning when the city is starting to rise, your answer is brunch cruise. Otherwise, a sunset cruise to catch the setting sun going down the river water is a sight to behold. Jump in it with a fresh Pina colada, and it is mesmerising.

You may arrange a boat for hosting the following functions if you want to do something different for your guests. Here are some ideas:-

You may plan a surprise for a family member’s birthday party.

A high-end corporate event for pleasing the delegate and sealing the deal.

A family reunion for making good memories

Farewell party

A boat tour is just not for travelling. It is just waiting for you to explore it in your way.


Bask in the Sun in Chicago’s Boat Tour

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